Ningbo Yinfa Green Food Co。, Ltd。 , estalbised in 1993, is a leading Prawn Crackers producer in China。 Our prawn crackers, which have already won much favorable response from buyer, is produced from real shrimp meat and high quality tapioca/cassava starch。

The factory located in Ningbo, a famous fishing port with more than 500 hundry years。 All shrimp taste of our products comes from real shrimp meat, and with our herritage recipe。 

Cureently we made1500 tons of raw prawn crackers every year。 Our products have been exporting to many contries such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA, Netherland, New Zealand, Canada and Africa。 

The factory are ISO22000 certificated。 We apply strict QC management on the whole process from materials to FG。 

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